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How to Brine a Turkey Easy for Juicy Breast Meat

Making a turkey in a good brine can really improve the flavor of a turkey. The white meat comes out really juicy and the dark meat and skin has a great taste



What You'll need
1. Container Large Enough to Contain Turkey Completely Submerged in Brine
2. Half Cup Brown Sugar
3. One Cup Kosher Salt
4. Tablespoon of black peppercorn
5. One Gallon of Vegetable stock.
6. Few bags of Ice unless you do this when its really cold outside
    • 1
      Put a lot of ice into a 5 gallon container.  I use a Gatorade container similar to the one that football coaches get splashed with :-)
    • 2
       Prepare 1 1/2 teaspoons of allspice seasoning, 1 cup kosher salt,  , 1/2 cup light (though dark works) brown sugar., 1 tablespoon black peppercorn and1 gal of vegetable stock
    • 3
      Get a pot and pour a cup of water into it. Then start stirring all of the ingredients into the pot. This is the main step that will give the bird that unique delicious flavor and moist white meat.
    • 4
      Stir the pot occasionally with medium heat until the ingredients start to boil.
    • 5
      When it boils take off flame and let cool to room temperature. Then put it into the fridge until it gets cold.
    • 6
      Take the pot out of the fridge and pour the whole thing into the big jug you filled up with ice.
    • The Ice is really important.  If your turkey doesn't stay ice cold during the process it will go bad and you'll risk getting extremely ill.  The ice keeps it cold.
    • Another option would be to sit the container inside a cold refrigerator (I'd still use some ice to be safe) ... or .... if it is freezing cold outside, but the brine, turkey, container outside (make sure it is covered and away from wildlife that might eat it).  If you do the outside option, I still use ice to be safe but make sure it is cold out.  Don't worry if it is below freezing out either, all the salt in the brine it won't freeze.
    • 7
      Submerge the turkey completely into the jug and start thinking about the best tasting thanksgiving turkey dinner ever. You'll keep this submerged for eight to 16 hours so be sure the water stays ice cold for this much time (see warnings/suggestions above)
    • 8
      After eight to sixteen hours, take the bird out of the jug. Make sure you throw out the brine. If you, for whatever reason, drink the brine you could get salmonella or some other food borne illness
    • 9
      Run the turkey underwater to rinse of the brine. Rinse both inside and outside the bird.
    • 10
      Pat dry the turkey with a paper towel. You are pretty much done the brining part here, though I like to then rub in olive oil.
    • 11
    • From here, whatever recipes you use to make the best turkey ever, do it. Whatever you do now, the bird will be more tastier and juicy.
    • 12
      I hope this helped to show you How to Brine a Turkey Easy for Juicy Breast Meat.  Turkey is not the only meat you can do this with. You can also brine other poultry like chicken. Check out my post on brining chicken breast here.

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