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How to Run Report for All Cartons in Iron Mountain Retention IMconnect

If you are an Iron Mountain retention customer it is possible for you to run your own report showing all of your retained cartons.  You run this report via IMconnect. It is a handy report for displaying all of your inventoried files and cartons at Iron Mountain's secure facility
Like most things "Iron Mountain", you'll need to go through a series of steps to process your file / carton inventory accurately and securely.  You will also need to have an IMconnect login, which can be set up by your account representative.

I am an occasional customer of Iron Mountain and have no affiliation with that company.  I don't endorse Iron Mountain at all but I am a customer trying to help other customers who may have struggled with this process as I did.  

Step 1
Log in to IM connect

Step 2
Go to the HOME page.  Look to the middle of the page called the REPORT CENTER

Step 3
In the middle of the page where it says REPORT CENTER, look under REQUEST A REPORT.

Step 4

Below REQUEST A REPORT you'll see 3 drop down boxes:

In SELECT A REPORT CATEGORY choose INVENTORY  (do not choose 'retention' like I did :-)



Step 5

Then click CONTINUE
Step 6

A new window will appear. In the drop down box select your customer number.
Step 7

Then, below that, you are somewhat on your own.  You'll need to determine your sort criteria.  Try it and see how it goes.  I usually select the one that shows the most detail but you might have something else in mind.
Step 8

Beneath the sort criteria is your REPORT FORMAT.  I'm not sure the difference between all of the formats but I do know that if I choose CSV, when my report is created this format allows me to manipulate the data in an Excel file, which I find very handy.

Step 9
Then click SUBMIT.  It will take about 3 hours or less for the report to generate.  If your IMconnect is set up like mine, you'll get an email notification

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