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How to Open Remove NetFlix DVD From Envelope

 Opening and removing a DVD from a Netflix envelope is pretty simple to do.  It is usually just the first time you do it that might be a little awkward.  Netflix sends their DVD's in envelopes that have two purposes 1) deliver the DVD safely to your door 2) Allowing you to use the same envelope to send the DVD back.

Here are the basics of properly opening and removing a Netflix DVD.

Step 1

When you get the DVD in the mail, look for the edge of the Netflix envelope that is perforated. There is an "OPEN ALONG EDGE" note that will help you find this edge easier.  Just slide your finger in their and open that perforation

Step 2
Pull the flap back across the Netflix envelope as shown

 Step 3

Be sure to open completely

Step 4
Then tear off along the dotted line / perforated edge as shown. Discard the side you tore off with the DVD advertisements but do not throw out the actual envelope on the other side.

Step 5
Then slide out the DVD. The DVD will be in a small, paper DVD case. Do not toss the envelope though. You'll need that to return the DVD.

 Step 6 

See Below for how to put the DVD back in and return to NetFlix.

Learn to Put Back That DVD Here

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