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How to Pick a Supermarket Avocado

Select the right Avocado in store produce section

Avocados are a wonderful almost meaty flavored fruit with a gorgeous massive seed inside. Read on how to pick a supermarket avocado



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      There are two varieties of avocados. Basically one variety is larger, with thinner skin, smooth and green. The other variety (called the Haas and commonly found in the USA) is much more rough on the outside, smaller and black in color. Both taste the same.
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      Look for a soft but not mushy avocado.
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      Look for an avocado that lacks visible cuts, bruising or other damage or blemishes.
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      You may have trouble finding a soft avocado at the store. Don't fret if this happens. Simply find one that is not mushy and lacks blemishes. When you get home, put it in a paper bag on the counter until it feels soft. Then eat or refrigerate or up to a day or two.
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      Once you cut an avocado the flesh will start to turn black similar to the way an apple turns brown when exposed to air. If you need to set in down for a bit before finishing, rub with a little lime or lemon juice to prevent color change.

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