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How to Insert Send Back Netflix DVD in Envelope

If you have a NetFlix DVD sent to you in the mail, eventually you'll have to return it.  Inserting and sending back a NetFlix DVD is easy to do, though you might be a little confused the first time you do it.

Here is an easy way to insert and send back a NetFlix DVD in Netflix envelopes.

Step 1

Look for the side of the envelope that is already open. This is the side with the adhesive strip on one end. This is the part you want to slide the DVD into

Step 2

Be sure you have put the DVD back into that small square DVD pouch that came with it.  Then slide the DVD and pouch into the opening I described above.  The DVD won't slide all the way down the envelope. You'll see what I mean. It'll slide just into the end for a tight, good fit.

 Step 3

After you put the NetFlix DVD into the envelope, pull off the adhesive strip shown below.


Step 4

Then press down and seal the end of the envelope.  From here, you can take this envelope to any US Postal Service mailbox or post office or outgoing mail.  You won't need to put your own postage on the DVD.  Netflix ships to you and you get to ship back for free on shipments in USA.

That's it!  If you want to learn how to open the Netflix envelope, try the link below.  Thanks for reading

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