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How to Shave With Shaving Brush and Mug

Shaving With Shaving Brushs and Mug

Shaving with a shaving brush and mug isn't just a nostalgic way of shaving, it also has some benefits for a more comfortable, quality shave. Please read on to learn How to Shave With Shaving Brush and Mug



things you'll need:

  • Shaving soap
  • Shaving brush
  • Mug
  • Razor

    • Selecting a brush.
       Brushes come in a couple varieties. Boar's hair, natural bristle and badger hair. The boar's hair and natural bristle are your least expensive brushes. Since the high quality badger brushes can run upwards of $50, $60 on up, starting out with boar' s hair or natural bristle is a good way to see if you like this style of shaving.
    • 2
      Shaving soap and mug. For your first time, just pick out a real basic drug store shaving soap and use an extra coffee mug at home.
    • 3
      Wash your face thoroughly with hand/face soap (don't use your shaving soap yet ;-) and water. Unlike when you use shaving cream be sure to dry your face completely. Since you are using shaving soap and not shaving cream, the shaving soap will lather better with a clean, dry face.
    • 4
      Put your shaving soap in a mug.
    • 5
      Some people rinse the shaving brush under water, I prefer to use a separate mug, put the brush in the mug, fill the mug with warm-hot water to 1/4 inch below the handle and let the water soak the bristles. Water penetrates and is held by the brush better and since it is calm water, it doesn't wear out or loosen the bristles.
    • 6
      Take the brush out of the water. Don't wring out the brush. Just shake it a bit over the sink. Don't knock all the water out though! Then put the brush directly on the soap and swirl around in mug. Develop a good lather in the mug and on the brush.
    • 7
      Apply the brush to your whiskers in a vigorous circular motion. This will soften your whiskers as well as stand your whiskers up. You'll get a more close and more comfortable shave. Don't worry if the soap doesn't get that monster lather like your shaving cream does. Soap is not engineered to get that kind of lather but it will still do the job well.
    • 8
      Shave as you normally would using your favorite razor. When you are finished, rinse with hot water. Then admire yourself for a while.
    • 9
      Personally, when rinse my shaving brush, I put it back in the water again for a bit, then gently shake out. I think it is easier on the bristles than blasting it with running water.
    • 10
      When you store the brush for drying, don't store it upside-down. Water gets on the handle between the bristles. On cheaper brushes it can loosen the bristles and on all brushes this promotes mold.
    • 11
      Ideally, try to hang your brush from either a brush holder or make up something. If you sit it right on the bristles in the mug, you'll bend the bristles but if that is your only option, do it that way (I do it more often that I care to admit :-)
    • 12
      Thank you for reading my How To Shave With Shaving Brush and Mug
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