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How to Determine Money / Profit You Can Make Selling Video Games Online

Formula to Determine How Much in Profits you Make on

How to Determine Money / Profit You Can Make Selling Video Games Online Half.comthumbnail
Determine Money / Profit You Can Make Selling Video Games Online is a very affordable way to list video games for sale. Before going through the effort of listing and selling to a bargain savvy gamer, be sure that your game sale can actually result in a profit.



    • 1
      Determine the price that you wish to sell the video game for. You can do this based on the price that recommends or come up with your own price
    • 2
      Determine what the video game originally cost you, if anything.
    • 3
      Determine what the book originally cost you, if anything.
    • 4
      Determine the cost of any of your packaging supplies (any bubble wrap, boxes or padded envelopes you bought for example)
    • 5
      Next, please understand that will compensate you for shipping but it is only a fixed amount. For example, as of 9/28/09 the amount they will compensate (reimburse) you $2.89 for media mail and $5.20 for expedited shipping method (basically anything other than media mail).
    • 6
      Next, understand that for items selling .75-$50.00 , will charge you $15%. For items $50.01 - 100 they'll charge 12.5%. So, in other words, if you sell something for $100, will take $12.50 out of your earnings. Simply put, this is the very legitimate and honest way they make money.
    • 7
      Determine your actual shipping cost. Do this by simply by weighing the video game and everything you are going to pack it in. Make sure all the packing materials are on the scale so you can read total weight. Check the weight and then consult the US postal service website shipping calculator for media mail and other expedited mail pricing. Don't be surprised if YOUR cost to ship the book exceeds the reimbursement amount. It happens all the time for me (I tend to over protect my products :-). Try to pack as efficiently as possible without comprising the protection of your product.
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      Next, before even listing your video game, plug these figures into a formula to be sure you'll actually make money if it sells. The most depressing feeling is going through all the trouble of selling something and find out you've not make a profit. Use this formula: List Price of Video Game - Commission of 15% + shipping compensation reimbursement - amount it cost you to ship - what the book cost you-what your packaging supplies cost = profit (or loss)
    • 9
      Use this as an example: Say you were given a video game as a gift. You determine that you'd like to sell it for $2.00 on You've already determined that it will cost you $2.77 to ship media mail.You have old packaging supplies that you found for free. If your video game sells, here's what your profit will look like....
    • 10
      $2.00 (Your list price for the game) - .30 ( Commission of 15%) + $2.64 ( shipping compensation reimbursement to you) - $2.77 (actual amount it cost you to ship) - $0 (what the video game cost you) - $0 (cost of packaging) = $1.57 profit

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