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Get a SEPTA Train Trolley Refund Back

Can you really get a refund from SEPTA for late train / trolly service? From what I understand you can sort-of get your money back in the form of credit.  In other words, SEPTA doesn't truly give you money back, rather they credit your next ticket.

I have to admit, free ride or not, I didn't realize that you could get a discounted or free ticket or pass from the Southeast Pennsylvania Transportation Authority.  I came across the article below.  I admit, I have not attempted to get a credit toward new tickets for late service. According to the article, you can pick up a refund form at any of their customer service centers if one of the trains you are on is more than so many minutes late.   Here is the article.  Check it out. Also read the comments threads below the article too.  They make some interesting complaints about the system that you might want to be aware of..

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