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Update Ebay Expired Credit Card Seller Information

“In order to receive uninterrupted service, please update this information.”  I saw this message when I logged into Ebay. I knew it was because I needed to update my expired credit card.

Ebay also gave me a procedure to do this and the instructions stank.
This is more or less how it read: 

1. Go to Home page.
2. Go to My eBay at the top of the page, and sign in
3. Click the "Seller Account" link (below the “My Account in the left navigation menu).
4. Follow the instructions to update your method of payment
This only kind of  works.  I found the instructions kind of vague, inaccurate and a little confusing. The good news is that I think I found an easier way.
If you are having the same problem and can not find where to update your expired credit card information the process I used below worked fine.  Keep in mind, this is for updating your Ebay seller account so you can pay seller fees.  If you are trying to update your PayPal / Ebay buyers account so you can pay for stuff, click here.
1. When you log in go to MY EBAY
2. Then just hover your cursor over the ACCOUNT tab. The account tab is located between your ‘messages’ tab and your ‘applications’ tab. Don’t click on the Tab, just hover over it.
3. In the drop down menu that appears select ‘Personal Information’
4. Page down a bit and look for a section titled ‘Financial Information”
5. Did you find this section? If yes, you’ll see ”Credit Card” in that section. Click “Edit”
6. Go ahead and enter your credit card information. Remember to enter the security code (ie card ID number) on back.
7. Click the “Continue” button, etc
You should be able to take it from there. The rest is easy enough.

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  1. Thanks a lot for the tips! I'm not too good at computing, but now i at least know how to update my account! I'm very glad to have met this info here!