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Who Sang in The 2012 AFC Championship - Steven Tyler

OK, Steven Tyler, singer of the American rock group Aerosmith, sang the United States National Anthem during the 2012 National Football League AFC Championship game. 

 The NFL's AFC championship game was a great professional football playoff game.  The two teams opposing each other were the New England Patriots and the Baltimore Ravens.

I was rooting for the Ravens. Joe Flacco went  to college in the tri-state area and like most NJ, PA, Del sports fans, we are partial to 'local' athletes. Because of Flacco, I had reason to Root against Tom Brady's Patriots. 

During the national anthem I managed to find an even bigger reason to root against New England ..... their stadium security

New England's stadium security should have arrested Steven Tyler before he got in the door but they botched the job. Someone in security must have known that Steven Tyler would butcher the National Anthem.  Tyler's immediate arrest would have been justified in preventing such a horrid rendition of US anthem.

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I'm kidding of course.  Sure, Tyler was there because the NFL invited him, as well as paid him I presume..  No one, not even Simon Cowell would have stopped him at the door.

  I love hard and heavy rock, but I can't think of a situation where a hard rock singer has ever done a stellar job singing the National Anthem.  Sure, some rockers have a good vocal range, can hit those high notes and have occasional vibrato like an opera singer but melodic songs like this one just are not a good fit for their talents.  Steven Tyler's grainy voice against the Star Spangled Banner was like sandpaper on a baby's bottom. The combination of Tyler and "Oh, Say Can You See" made him sound like he needed some cold medicine. That owl screech he made didn't help either.

I shouldn't act surprised though.  Sadly, the second he stood on stage I knew how the performance would turn out. Some things are not meant to turn out.  Lee at Gettysburg comes to mind.

Next time he puts down an American Idol guest, I'll roll my eyes.

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