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Set Up Blackberry Conference Call When Already on Phone

Some phone conferences are unscheduled. You receive an urgent call and instantly realize that you need to get a third person on the line immediately. There is simply not enough time to check for an appointment.  Maybe you have an important client and you need to get him on the phone with you and your boss right away?

Set Up BlackBerry Appointments Faster

It could even be a scenerio at home.  You have a troubling call from your daugher and you want to get your spouse on the phone so the three of you can talk it out.  That sort of thing.

I admit, my Blackberry experience is very limited. I do not own one but got thrown into using one while on the job.   I was handed the Blackberry and it was an important call that I really did not have the authority to the give answers.  I needed to patch in someone who could give the right answers to the questions I was being asked.

I needed to know fast how to do a conference call while I was already on the phone. I never set up a teleconference on any phone before so I was really stumped.   Fortunately, a coworker was able to guide me through the process.  I was able to go from two of us to three of us so all three of us were on the phone at the same time.

These are the steps I followed:

4. If the third person picked up the phone all you have to do is "connect" the two people and you'll have yourself a three way conversation.

Use That Blackberry Trackball To Check Appointments Like a MadMan

I hope that helps. Like I said, I'm not a champ at this since I don't use this equipment on a full-time basis but I thought this was easy to learn and a very handy tool.

6.  I'm told you can repeat steps 1 thru 5 to add more people but only if your service allows it.

5. You can either click the trackwheel or hit the menu key and "join" the two people right from the menu.
1. Let's presume you are already talking to the first person (if not, call that individual from your Blackberry)

2. Then click the Menu Key or the Trackwheel and choose "New Call" . If you do not see "New Call" it might be called something else. Two other possibilities I can think of are "3-Way Call" or "Conference Call"

3. Then either choose one of your contacts or (and this is what I had to do, yuk!) figure out the third person's telephone number and type that number in.  When you have either chosen the contact or entered the number go ahead and hit the "Send" button

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