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Where Do I Find My Printer's IP Address

If you have a wireless router set up and your printer is on you PC network then your printer will have an IP address.

I recently ran into an issue where I could not get anything to print on my HP Photosmart Printer D110.  It was quite an exercise in patience for me to figure out what was wrong with it but I eventually was able the troubleshoot the problem without causing great bodily harm to myself or to my computer.

On of the tests called for me to take a look at my printer's IP address. The problem was I had no idea where to find this.  I may have written it down a long time ago but I sure could not remember if I did.

There are actually a couple different places to find this information

1.  Your Computer.  I'm on Windows 7 but this probably works or is similar to other versions.  Go to Control Panel - Hardware and Sound - Devices and Printers.

Then find your printer icon on the screen. Right click on this icon and choose "Printer Properties" - "General" tab - Then look to the "location" field and you'll see your IP number.  Note you only need to know the number/decimal portion . The "IP=" is just for clarity.

2. Your Printer Can Tell You.  This is an easier way to check but I figure you might not be using the same printer as me and the "Your Computer" might be more universal.  I use an HP Photosmart D110. The easiest way for me to check IP address is to go to press my 'wireless' button twice and when on the wireless screen (on your printer not on your PC monitor), you'll see the IP address at the top of your printer's screen.

3. You can also address by running a wireless network test report right from your printer. On my printer I follow the same steps in #2 above and then I scroll down to "Run Wireless Network Test"  A page will print out showing your IP address (as well as hardware address, network name, configuration source, etc).  If you are only looking for the IP, then this is a bit redundant since you will already be able to see it without going through all this.

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