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Better Communication to Keep More Ebay Buyer Customers Happy

Tthe most important thing to do to keep customers on Ebay happy is to properly communicate with them.   Keeping Ebayers informed as to what is going on can reduce a lot of buyer anxieties and improve your selling experience tenfold.

If you are running late on shipping a product, simply be sure to email your customer and let them know why their shipment is running late, when you expect to ship it and about when they can expect to receive the goods.  More often than not, the customer will understand and be happy they are kept in the loop with their online transaction.

If you find yourself with a particularly difficult customer, keep your cool.  Be honest but be very friendly, humble and maintain a very willing-to-help tone.  Often, they'll calm down and understand things from your perspective.

If you find yourself getting repeated 'dumb' questions from customers, be sure to review your ad first before responding. Some information on your ad might be difficult to see. Sometimes payment instructions, shipping terms, and details of your post can easily missed by Ebay buyers.    When you respond, be sure to thank them for the question and tell them you are glad to help out.  Answer their question respectfully and thoroughly.

If you are running auctions, buy it nows, or your store while you are out of the office, such as away on vacation or business trip or otherwise, be sure to set your vacation away messages.

When you return to the office be sure to turn off your vacation message too, particularly if you returned to the office.

I wrote two articles on Hubpages that deals with Turning off your Ebay away message as well as properly setting your Ebay away message.  This will enable you to let your customers know where you are and keep them in the line of communication.  You'll keep more customers happy this way.

Keep More Ebay Customers Happy by Setting Your Away Message- Click Here

Keep those Ebay Customers Buying By Turning off Your Ebay Message When You Get Back

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