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Why Famous Amos Chocolate Chips Does Not Taste Like Home Made Family Recipes

The Kellogg's-owned Famos Amos Chocolate chip cookie has been around for decades.  Rumor has it, that is was inspired by a home made, family recipe.

I have had the privilage of eating a Famos Amos chocolate chip cookie quite a few times. There are a lot of pros and cons to this popular made in the USA snack food. One of the cons I'd say is that, while tasty, the Famous Amos chocolate chip cookie does not taste like a recipe my mother would have made.

Not that my mom was Juilia Child, but I do know what a chocolate chip cookie made from scratch tastes like.

There is a certain rich, freshness to a homemade chocolate chip cookie.  They have that wonderful fresh, sweet, smell.  The are so wonderfully rich that eat the first few too fast and you need to take a break and let the sweetness settle

  They often so soft and gooey. Just pull apart a fresh baked cookie and watch the warm chips stretch apart so beautifully.

Plus, home made cookies seem to have that certain secondary flavor or oven-baked aftertaste to them that is so pleasing.  Think a sweet toastiness that lingers a bit after you've had a cookie or two.

Famous Amos does not have any of these qualities. While it is a pretty good cookie, it lacks that homemade freshness.  They are hard and offer a lot of crumbs when you bite into one.  I don't sense any family recipe at all, rather, they taste a lot like the mass produced Chips Ahoy cookie.  A great cookie by the way, just no family recipe flavor.

With that in mind, I can't say all bad things about Kellogg's Famous Amos cookie. Kelloggs still puts out a good snack food.  I wrote a review on the topic on Squidoo and linked it below.  Check it out if you get a chance.

My Review of Famous Amos Cookies

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  1. Famous Amos was made by a small batch entrepreneur from California for many years. They were sold in boxes and they were wonderful especially the ones with pecans. When Amos really made them, they tasted like homemade from the box. They were wonderful treats. Not today. When Kellog bought it, they totally changed the recipe and it was now large batch commercial formulas. It tastes NOTHING like the original. Too bad you didn't get to taste them when Amos made them.