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Who Manages The Website Where Harmonized Schedule B Codes Are Found? Learn Here

Ever wade through the tons of information provided by various US government websites? There is no doubt that the amount of information US government provides is prolific. The real headache comes in finding exactly what you want.

It seems the various .gov search engines and the way the information is categorized can be confusing and difficult to sort through at times.

If you are looking for Harmonized Schedule B commodity codes for commodies you are importing or exporting overseas for the first time, I'll tell you right now, you are probably looking in the wrong place.

You are probably navigating through some commerce site or customs site or something that sounds remotely related to international trade.

The reality is that the US Census bureau manages the site where the Harmonized Schedule B codes (HS tariff code) are found. The census bureau collects and manages this data and makes these commodity codes available on their website.
I wrote an article on finding these codes through the United States census bureauI have linked it below.  I hope it helps. It helped me a lot

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