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The Difference Between Major League Baseball Minimum Wage and Minor League Lowest Salary 2011

The difference in salary between a Minor League Player and a Major League players is a lot of money.  Both MLB and the minor leagues have set minimum salaries that a player can earn in each respective league.

The MLB minimum salary ranges in the hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.   The minor league baseball ( AAA ) salary ranges only in the tens of thousands of dollars.
According to CBS sports  ( ) the MLB minimum salary that a player can make is $414,000.  Currently, for 2011, a minor league baseball player who is part of a forty man team or has played at least one game at the Major League level can make a minimum of $67,300 per year.

The difference in salary between a MLB minimum wage and minor league minimum wage is $346,700 per year.
This is an increase from last year.  I linked a bookmark below that delves a bit into the pay increase from 2010 to 2011.  Check it out.

Of Course Now All That Has Changed. A new Collective Bargaining agreement was signed late 2011 and now the minimum salary for MLB is different, click here to see how much they earn in 2012

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