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When Is My Next Iron Mountain Record Destruction Shredding Appointment Pick Up

Your next Iron Mountain Shredding appointment can basically occur in two ways:

1) You call and they'll come out within a few days to pick up your documents for shredding

2) You have them on a set schedule and they come out based on that schedule.

Often these set schedules are weekly, bi weekly, monthly, etc.  Whatever you have set up with your Iron Mountain (IM) representative.  

If you aren't sure of your next pick up date, look on your most recent IM secure destruction/shredding  packing list. On your IM packing list  there is a section on it called "Next Pick Up"    Next to, "Next Pick Up" is the date when they are scheduled to come out again.   If you do not see this on your packing list, then there is no pick up scheduled and you'll need to call.

You can also check their on line computerize system IM Connect. I wrote an article on that subject and linked it below.

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