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Ornithology Location For Ornithologists Looking For Bird Viewing Shelter in PA

If you are an Ornithologist, aka bird watcher, you may be accustomed to being wet or cold outside while watching your favorite species of birds. Working in the field exposes a bird watcher to all of the elements that nature can throw at you.

There are places where a bird enthusiast can escape the elements.  Various nature parks and bird viewing vistas occasionally offer a birder a bird blind.  Bird blinds typically provide a shelter for a birder.  Bird blinds often have four walls, a roof and occasionally, even a place to sit.  Blinds are constructed so that a birder can watch without disturbing the birds in their natural element.

There is a bird blind right in Norristown PA where birders can take shelter from the elements, stay dry, keep the sun off their head and keep from scaring away more timid birds and other creatures.

I have linked an article below that I wrote on this subject.  It is a nice little bird blind in an easy to get to park in Montgomery County, PA.
Find This Nearby Bird Blind in Montco, PA - Click Here

There is Also a Trout Pond Right Next to This Bird Blind. See Linked Below


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