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ISM Speakers Dinners Good For Supply Chain Purchasing Networking

I attended an Institute of Supply Management meeting recently and found the speakers to be pretty good.  They shared their insights on respective supply chain, procurement, purchasing topics in and interesting and competent manner.

After the speakers, the meal, the desert and some chit chatting with other procurement professionals I drove home. Along the way I thought about the event, how the food tasted and what I learned from the speakers.   Was the event worth my time?  Yes it was and I could have gotten even more out of it besides a few lessons and a free meal.  I just wasn't thinking.  I should have spoken more with others in the audience.

A tremendous benefit of any ISM dinner meeting is the networking.  Meeting others that work in the supply chain field just like you do.  These people often work in similar settings managing the same supplies, logistics, inventories and other duties that you do.  The ISM Educational dinners provide a great resource to meet these people and get some great tips on getting ahead in your career.  Often these new found colleagues can provide you with the information that you can not just look up on line.  

The best part is, these folks will tell you the nuts and bolt you want to hear.  Not some weighty textbook filled with theory (not a bad thing) but rather direct info such as, what suppliers they use, how do they meet inventory turns, how do they manage logistics, etc.

ISM speakers and dinners are good for networking with supply chain, purchasing, procurement professionals.

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