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How Long Do Wireless Mouse Batteries Last?

If you are concerned about purchasing a wireless mouse for fear that you will be constantly replacing batteries you do not have to worry.   Your wireless mouse batteries will not wear out often. 

I know that you are thinking that you'll use the mouse very often, literally every time you turn on your computer.  The batteries must run out fast right? After all, digital cameras and other electronic devices use up batteries so much that you eventually wind up spending more money on batteries than you did the hardware.

So do they run out quickly? Nah.

Actually, your mouse uses very little energy and the battery or batteries that you have in there is more than enough to power your mouse for a long time.

I used two AA Energizer batteries in my mouse. I clearly remember when I put these batteries in because I really wanted to track how long it would take before than ran out of energy.

The batteries lasted 11 months.  This is was on my home computer, which I use very actively every day.

Also, just so you know, your mouse won't drop dead the second your battery runs low. A pop up window will appear on your screen that reads something like, "The wireless mouse battery level is critically low. Replace the batteries now to keep the wireless moue functioning"

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