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Squidoo Article Lens Module Locks Up Freezes

If you work on Squidoo long enough you are bound to have a lens module lock up or freeze on the screen while creating a new article.  Basically you'll be editing a module and you'll find that you can not enter any more text, photos or anything.  You won't even be able to get the cursor to appear in the fields when you click on the module.

This is frustrating, especially the first couple times it happened to me.  I got frustrated and felt I had to close out of Squidoo then reopen. The result was that I either lost half or more of the lens / article I already typed or I lost the whole thing completely save for maybe the title.

Instead of giving up and closing down squidoo or your browser entirely, simply open a new tab on your browser. Then open Squidoo up in that tab.  Then go to your dashboard and find your work in progress article and finish typing.  Chances are the 'old' tab you were working in will remain locked up but the new one you opened will allow you to unlock or unfreeze the article / lens and complete your work.

I hope that helps you to fix Squidoo when your module locks up / Freezes


  1. I know that feeling, it was very annoying thing on Squidoo! Although I love this blogging platform it almost made me quit Squidoo once.
    Thank you for the tip, I'll try to do this way next time!

  2. Thanks for the comment Eric! Glad it helped you to get around those frozen lenses