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How to Define Constant Values In Excel

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Define Constant Values In Excel

Sometimes I find it difficult to remember the precise values I want to set in Excel. To overcome this, simply 'tell' Excel what you want to name that particular value and let Excel remember it for you. Read on to learn how to define constant values in Excel .



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      Let's say you have trouble remembering a particular tax rate or an certain Ebay final value fee (such as 'fixed' price final value or 'auction' final value) simply do this....
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      Go to your start menu, programs, and go into Excel...
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      Open either a new worksheet, or one that you are currently working with...
    • 4
      Click on Formulas" change entire Step 5 to "Click on Define Name" 5
    • Then go down and put your cursor over the word "Name"
    • 6
      Then a window appears next to the word "Name", click on "Define"
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      In the space that appears, type in the name of the constant value you want to define. You may want to define a specific state tax rate for example. In this case perhaps type in StateTaxPA (for tax rate of PA, just for an example)
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      Say you know the state tax rate of PA is 6%. Then type in .06 in the 'Refers' area.
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      Now Excel will always define StateTaxPA as 6% when you use StateTaxPa in your formula. For example, let's say you buy something for $100 in PA, you can create a formula =100*StateTaxPA and Excel will automatically 'remember' that the tax rate of PA (StateTaxPA) is 6% and use that value in your formula.
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      This is great as you'll no longer have to remember every value. You could define constant values for each state (StateTaxCA, StateTaxNJ, etc) and only have to look up these rates once. Excel will do the rest :-)
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      Thanks for reading my How to Define Constant Values In Excel ! Hope that helps. I use this a lot for the various Ebay final value fees and it saves me a lot of headaches. You can define it for whatever you want :-)

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