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How to Make Bacon in the Oven

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Make Bacon in the Oven

I tried this a moment before I wrote this article and I'm now hooked forever! I've always made bacon in the microwave or pan, but if you want truly perfect bacon please try to make bacon in the oven !



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      OK, I was inspired to make bacon earlier after reading how it is made from the belly of a pig. Yep, that's right 'pork belly' they call it. Somehow I felt ill, then hungry, all at once :-)
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      To make bacon (aka pork belly) in the oven simply set your oven at 425 degrees F
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      While the oven is heating, pull out a baking pan that is long enough to accommodate the bacon
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      Be sure the pan you select has sides to it. The bacon will produce grease and you don't want it to spill out of the pan. Don't use a cookie sheet, for example, either won't have sides or sides that are too short.
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      Do not grease the pan. Lay the bacon in full length strips in the pan. I kept the bacon flat on the pan but found I didn't need to space them. I just laid the pieces directly next to one another.
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      Put the pan in the oven
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      The bacon I made was the real thick hickory smoked bacon and it cooked good enough for me in about 20-23 minutes. Check inside your oven from time to time until the bacon looks just right for you.
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      Remove from Oven. You'll love how it stays flat and very picturesque
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      Remove strips of bacon using tongs or fork (or anything but your hand :-) and put on a paper towel to blot grease.
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      Serve then eat!! Thanks for reading my article on How to Make Bacon in the Oven

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