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How to Wrap Foods For Freezer

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Wrap Foods For Freezer

I used to think I knew it all when it came to freezing food.... until things started tasting different, started getting freezer burned or smelled like garlic bread :-) Once I started following a couple basic principals, my problems were solved! Read on the learn how to wrap foods for freezer .

Moderately Easy


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      Nuts, grains, flour, bread crumbs, grated cheese, and grated coconut..... I don't generally freeze any of these things, HOWEVER, you can and they hold up well in the freezer. Simply put them in a zip lock bag or plastic tupperware container.
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      Uncooked meat such as chicken and fish..... take these out of the store packaging. Discard store packaging and rewrap in plastic. Then put into a freezer bag. When you freeze meat try not to freeze multiple layers of meat directly together. It won't hurt the meat at all, but multiple layers take much longer to defrost.
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      Ice Cream ..... I love ice cream. I also like it good and creamy, not icy. To prevent this, wrap the ice cream container in a plastic bag (I just use a plastic grocery store bag that you carry groceries in) and place in the freezer. I find that it keeps the ice cream creamier and if your freezer ever breaks down, you wont have to worry as much about a mess.
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      Garlic Bread! Love this but it can really stink up a freezer. Wrap in tin foil completely, then in plastic wrap. This will keep the garlic smell off other freezer foods. Also the tin foil adds an extra perk. When you are ready to eat the bread, you can take it out of the plastic and put it right into the oven with tin foil already on! No fuss.
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      Freezer burn is prevented by simply wrapping food completely so that the 'cold' from the freezer doesn't come in direct contact with the food. If there is direct contact, the food dries out and gets 'burned'
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      When you wrap something in a freezer bag, try to get as much air as possible out of the bag. Don't go crazy on this. Just be sure when you wrap it, the bag doesn't feel like a balloon :-) The less air, the less chance your food will get icy.
    • 7
      Pretty much you can freeze anything but there are some EXCEPTIONS: Salads with fresh/raw vegetables, dressings, mayonnaise or foods containing mayonnaise, marshmallows, and gelatin come to mind

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