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How to Convert / Calculate Liters l to Pints pt

Hello! Liter l and Pint pt are part of the metric system and English system respectfully . Both are measurements of volume and aren't too hard to compute once you memorize the ratio. Read on to learn How To Convert / Calculate Liters l to Pints pt



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      First, let's put these two units of measurement in perspective. When doing this metric to English conversion, keep in mind that a liter l is larger than a pint. A liter is a little more than twice the size of a pint
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      Then determine the amount of liters you want to covert to pints
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      Then multiply the amount of liters by 2.1134. This total will give you the equivalent amount of pints
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      OK! Let's put this volume conversion into action! Say you want to convert 1 liter into pints. Take 1 liter and multiply it by 2.1134. Answer is 2.1134 Pints. If you want to convert 2 liters l to pints, take 2 liters x 2.1134 = 4.2268 pints pt
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      Now get out there and do some volume conversions! Thanks for reading my How to Convert / Calculate Liters l to Pints pt article

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