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How to Save an Email Address on Lotus Notes

Saving Email Addresses on Lotus Mail

Hi! Do you use Lotus Notes for your email? Do you get tired of manually entering everyone's address? Here's a way to send email, attachments , documents , etc by simply typing in your business contact's name. Read on to learn how to Save an Email Address on Lotus Notes



    • 1
      Double click the WORKSPACE tab at the top right of your PC screen, then double click your address book button. You may already see this button once you log in Lotus notes. Another way to do this when you are already in your lotus notes email is to find the address book icon at the side of your screen and double click that icon.
    • 2
      Click the NEW button at the top of your computer monitor screen
    • 3
      Select CONTACT in the drop down box that appears on your computer screen.
    • 4
      Enter the person's name as they like to be called. You can also enter their tile (Mr. Ms. etc) and suffix (Jr. Sr. etc) if you'd like
    • 5
      In the same area, just below the name info, enter the exact email address. This will be the default address that the email will be sent to when you type this person's name
    • 6
      The rest of the email address info is more or less optional depending upon your preferences. Enter the person's business name and business job title
    • 7
      Enter their business address
    • 8
      If you click on the PERSONAL tab, you can enter any of this business contact's personal information (home address, etc ) that may be available to you.
    • 9
      The next tab is the BRIEFCASE tab. Here you can attach documents, pictures, notes that pertain to your business or personal relationship with this person.
    • 10
      Next is the ADVANCED tab. Here you can write the Phonetic spelling of this business contact's name. Very handy for foreign contacts. Enter their internet certificate, as well as change the order in which their first and last name is displayed
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      I hope that helps. Now get on your PC and start saving your business connections email right now :-) Thanks for reading my how to Save an Email Address on Lotus Notes

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