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Auto Spell Check Email so Lotus Edits Automatically Before Send

I'm guilty of not spell checking every important email I send.  A hasty email riddled with misspelled words can really lessen the impact of your message and make people perceive you as a bit dopey (which I know is not true).

The way to overcome bad spelling is to set up Lotus Notes so that it automatically edits your email for spelling when you hit the send button.  Putting Lotus on auto spell check is easy to do. Let Notes do the work for you.

Step 1 - Open Up Lotus and Get to The Right Screen

Open up Lotus Notes and go into any screen that lists your mail. So far I found this works if you are in drafts, inbox, sent, and drafts. It probably works if you are in other screens too. I haven’t explored them all. Two screens it doesn’t seem to work in is the “Trash” view and the “Work Space Tab”

To keep things simple, make sure you are looking at your inbox, sent or drafts bin.

Step 2 - Find "Action"

Look to the top of the Lotus Notes Screen. Click on “Action”

Step 3 - Tools

In the drop down menu, put your cursor over tools “Tools”

Step 4 - Preferences

In the choices that appear to the side of “Tools” choose “Preferences”

Step 5 - Select the Basics Tab

A window will open up on the screen. Make sure you are on the “Basics” tab. You are probably already on that tab by default.

Step 6 - Check off "Automatically Check Mail"

Inside that window you’ll see the sentence "Automatically check mail messages for misspellings before sending," Click the box next to that sentence so there is a check mark.
Then click OK.

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