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How to Turn off Lucid LG Cell Phone

Turning off your Lucid LG cell phone is real easy to do. When I bought this wireless phone I struggled to figure out how to shut it off. It didn’t help that I lost my quick start owner’s manual for this phone either.
At first I thought I could just leave it run all the time but I soon realized that going to movies, business meetings, quiet time with friends and dozens of other reasons to power down my cell phone made it necessary for me to figure out how to shut off this phone.

Another great reason to power down your Lucid phone is because the batter life is really short compared to a lot of other phones.

Here’s a real easy, step by step guide to shutting down your LG Cell phone

Step 1

OK, you know that button that you use to light up and let you start using your touch screen? It is that little metal button on the upper right side of your cell phone. Normally when you go to ‘wake up’ the phone you quick push the button and the screen lights up. To get the phone turned off, hold the button down.
So, go ahead and hold that button down until the “Phone Options” window appears
Step 2

If you look to the bottom of the window you’ll see the “Power Off’ button. Go ahead and touch “Power Off”

Step 3

Another window will appear with an alert warning you that your phone will be shut down. Go ahead and press “OK” and your phone will shut off.

That’s It! Or… did you really want to turn off your phone and have it restart itself again? If you want restart your phone, the process is very similar. I wrote a post detailing how to do this. Check it out. I linked it here… Restarting an LG Lucid Phone


  1. if the cell phone has been locked, then you have to unlock it, then press and hold the said button for power down.

    1. that is brilliant, because thois phone automatically locks. hqa i just gopt one from nephew and I cannot make the ringtone sound when a call comes in. A soft vooice says, call from John, but I am happy with it, excepyt calls and texts I cannot get any sound yet. thanks for telling that person about turning it off I had the same problem

    2. oh no i actually got the vx9200

  2. I can't turn off my phone. What I'm gonna do?