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Where Do The Eagles Play? Lincoln Financial Field Review

Where Do The Eagles Play? Lincoln Financial Field Review

Each NFL team in the league plays its games in massive stadiums that hold thousands of fans, security, food staff, drink staff, coaches, players, maintenance, and a variety of other people that make a National Football League great.

There are many stadiums throughout the league and some are better than others. For those who grew up in the Philadelphia area you probably remember when JFK stadium and Veterans stadium were around. You probably think of them with some fond nostalgia but you probably don't miss them either. Catch a college game and JFK and you were a million miles from the field. It was a giant park with seating tiered so far away that you couldn't see much of anything if you got tickets far back from the action.

Veterans Stadium wasn't much better. I know that players and staff don't miss it. The astro turf was brutal as was the seating. "The Vet" , was designed to be a multipurpose stadium when it opened in the 70's. It was meant to showcase baseball games,football games, concerts and whatever else sport or event came along. The result was that no event was ideal to see in Veterans Stadium. The design of the facility tried to accomplish too much and as a result, accomplished little.

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If you experienced the Vet and Haven't been to Lincoln Financial Field you are in for a treat. It is a terrific place to show case Philadelphia Eagles football at its best. There really is no bad seat in the place. Compared to The Vet, the games feel tight and intimate. This, of course, can be a problem if you are around unruly fans, which can happen in Philly. It is a tough town and their fans are even tougher. This stadium brings all that element closer together but as I say, take things with a grain of salt, be kind and all should be good... with some luck :-)

The field has come a long way too. No more astro turf. I can't say I've maintained any statistical record of this but I feel as though players suffer far less turf-related injuries at Lincoln Financial field (ie "The Linc") For this reason, I have to love this place even more. Football is a brutal game. No use making it worse with shoddy fields where guys can get hurt.

Getting to the Linc is real easy. Access from I 95 and 76 (ie the dreaded Schuylkill expressway :-) is pretty simple as far as directions go. Tons of traffic can does cause some delay while waiting to pay for parking, which is quite expensive so make sure you remember to bring extra loot for parking ( a cost I always seem to forget about until I get there ).

Parking is set up pretty well and you can usually get a spot within reasonable distance to the field. Keep in mind though there are tons of tailgaters out there partying it up in the lot so they might have spots claimed early.

So.... Where do the Eagles Play? That is, I should say...... Where do the Philadelphia Eagles Play? At Lincoln Financial Park in South Philadelphia.

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