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Eagles Fire Juan Castillo Defensive Coach 2012

The news is out. The Eagles have fired defensive coach Juan Castillo today, October 16, 2012. I heard this reported today on Philly sports talk radio station WIP / WYSP

As of today's date the Juan Castillo's replacement will be Todd Bowles. Bowles was the defensive secondary coach for the Eagles.

Castillo was a offensive line coach until head coach Andy Reid decided to move him to defensive coordinator. Moving Castillo from offense to defense was full of controversy. Coach Reid was derided for putting what seemed to be an inexperienced person into a major NFL defensive role. At times Castillo seemed to struggle in press conferences on in on field decision making regarding the defense. Since day one as defensive coordinator, Castillo's performance was heavily scrutinized. It was said that to make up for his lack of experience, Castillo was working long, long nights and days putting together on the field defensive schemes and preparing for game day.

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What are my thoughts? I think Reid had to finally do something to begin to shake up the Eagles 2012 season. Some early disappointing losses in the 2012 season likely put Reid's job in jeopardy and he had to make a move that I suspect also involved input from Eagles owner, Jeffrey Lurie.

Philadelphia fans should be relieved to have an NFL coach with experience on the defense. Some might argue that the Eagles secondary hasn't been living up to it's potential and that Eagles former secondary coach Todd Bowles might be a controversial decision as well. Overall, I think the team is due for a change and this is a move in the right direction.

On a side note, given Andy Reid's loyalty to his staff and his occasional stubbornness, the firing of Juan Castillo was very unexpected. I figured Castillo would be demoted and eventually buried, but employed, within the Eagles organization.

What do you think about the removal of Castillo? What do you think about the Eagles performance in general in 2012? Feel free to comment in the comment space below. Your thoughts are valued very much here.
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