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How to Safely Remove SD Card From LG Lucid Cell Phone

On the LG Lucid Cell phone you can install an external memory Sandisk ( SD ) card into the side of the cell phone. This will free up your wireless phone's internal 'stock' memory and allow you to store more data and transfer it to other devices.

If you remove ( ie dismount ) your SD card without putting the phone into a sort of 'safe' mode, you run the risk of corrupting the card. It could damage the card or erase everything you put on it.

To avoid corrupting anything, there are a few steps you can do will allow you to safely remove your memory card worry-free.

Step 1 - Go to the Home Screen of Your Cell Phone

Open up the home screen of your cell phone. You might be able to get there automatically when you turn your phone on, or if you aren't sure, press the little house button at the bottom of the LG Lucid phone.

Step 2 - Press the Menu Key

While in your home screen, open up the menu command. Do this by pushing that button with the square on it, down at the bottom of your cell phone.

Step 3 - Settings Icon

When the menu opens up, press the settings Icon. It will say "settings" and have a gear / sprocket icon.

Step 4 - Storage Icon

Scroll down the scree until you see the "storage" icon / button. Press it.

Step 5 - Unmount SD Card

In the next screen that appears, look for a button that says "Unmount SD Card - Unmount SD Card so you can safely remove it" Press it

Your Done!

You can now safely unmount your card from your smartphone

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