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Change or Mute Camera Shutter Noise on LG Fusion Cell Phone

If you get tired of hearing the same old noise that your LG fusion cell phone makes when you take a picture you have found the right post to change that sound.  Your LG fusion default camera application allows you to choose from a few different shutter sound tones. This post will teach you how to do it. It’s pretty easy.

 You can also mute the LG cell phone camera noise. A lot of people struggle with disabling the noise the camera makes when taking a picture. It is easy to do but not easy to figure out at first.

Let’s look at changing the tone of your camera shutter first.

This explanation will have you hearing a different sound next time you take a picture for sure.

To Change Sound When Taking Pictures  

Step 1
Put your LG Fusion phone into camera mode by pressing the camera icon on your home screen  

Step 2
When in camera mode, look for the gear / sprocket icon that is on the touch screen. On my phone it is on the upper left side. Press this icon  

Step 3
A menu will appear. It will have various options such as timer, screen mode, effects, white balance, etc. Look for “Shutter Sound” You might have to scroll down by swiping the touch screen if you don’t see it.  

Step 4
Several different tones will appear on this screen. Sample them and select by touching the tone of your choice.  

How to Mute the Camera Noise When Taking Pictures

If you don’t want to hear any noise when taking pictures on your LG Fusion Phone, you’ll need to try a different process. This, unfortunately, is not very intuitive to do but once you figure it out it is super easy.  It is odd but when shooting photos the LG fusion phone won’t let you mute the camera sound while in camera-mode. 

Rather than reinvent the wheel here, I wrote a separate post that will teach you how to disable the LG camera picture sound. Check it out.

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