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How to Tell How Much More Lotus Notes Email Memory to Delete

Once you start getting that memory warning message on Lotus Notes mail you will want to start deleting as many pesky emails as possible starting with the mail / files that take up the most gbs. You need to do this until you are under the memory threshold again. If you don’t, you won’t be able to save ‘sent’ emails, update your calendar, enable / disable features etc. on Lotus Notes.

The question that comes up of course is how many emails exactly do I need to delete? Or, put another way, how many GBs do I need to recover on Lotus so that I can start saving mail and using features again? 

Checking to see how much more memory you need to recover is easy to do but it isn’t very intuitive. You might not be able to find it on your own. I can show you how to figure this out here. 

I did notice that this did not work quite as smoothly when I migrated to Lotus Notes 8.5. Scroll down further if you don't find what you are looking for here:

Step 1
Go to FILE in the upper left corner of Lotus. A drop down menu will appear. 

Step 2
In the drop down menu, hover your cursor over DATABASE. When you do this a side menu will appear to the right.  

Step 3
Click on PROPERTIES on the side menu 

Step 4
A window will appear called “Database”. You’ll see a bunch of tiny tabs. Click on the lower case “i” tab  

Step 5
Just under the “i” tab, you’ll see“Diskspace” showing how much diskspace is normally available. Click on the “% Used” button next to disk space. 

Step 6
If the percentage appears is under 100% you have deleted enough mail. The lower this percentage the better. If it is higher you will continue to get this message. 

Step 7
Once you have deleted all of your mail you will want to have your system administrator compact your memory

If This Didn't Work, you might be on Lotus 8.5. Try this:

I did notice that on Lotus 8.5 this same procedure doesn't work exactly the same way so try this 

Step 1  

Click on the Lotus "Home" tab  (typically the tab at the very top left of the screen (somewhere under the 'create' and 'action' tab) 

Step 2 

 Click "File" in the upper left corner of your Lotus Window 

Step 3  

Drop down menu appears, click on "Properties"  which is about 3/4 the way down the list 

Step 4  

A small window opens.  Look carefully at the window and you'll see "Document" with a drop down arrow next to it, click the drop down arrow  (If you are seeing "Text" instead of "Document" you are not on the 

Step 5 

 Click "Database" 

Step 6  

Click the "i"  tab 

Step  7 

Click the "% used" button 

Now you'll see how much memory you have used up. I hope :-)

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