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Where To Locate How Much I Make on YouTube Adsense Partnership Program

Finding your Adsense earnings through the YouTube Partnership program is pretty easy to do but like many things easy on your computer, the navigation path is not all that easy.  Regardless if you want to find out how much you are making on YouTube via the partner program, you have come to the right place. I'll even include a brief video you You Tube to show you how.

If you are not on the Google Adsense program and you are not a YouTube partner, this will not apply to you as you would not currently be able to earn on YouTube. There are other resources out there that will help you to set up an make money on Adsense.

So to in order to find the money you are making on YouTube via Adsense partner just do the following

Step 1

Log into your YouTube account

Step 2

Click on your icon photo in the top right corner of the Youtube screen

Step 3

Click on the setting button which appears as a sprocket

Step 4

New window/screen opens and click on "View Additional Features" toward the bottom left within this window.

Step 5

Click on "Analytics" in the left column of the screen

Step 6

The down under the "Performance" section you will see your YouTube earning statistics / metrics in the form of minutes watched, amount of views and importantly how much you have earned. There  is a date just above all of this that shows you the range. Mine is set for showing one month of statistics / earnings but you can change that if you want a specific date range.

I also included a video tutorial below on how to do this.


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