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Why can't I log into ing capitol One password username

So you are asking yourself ,"Why can't I log into ing Capitol One when it seems I am using the correct password and username. I had this problem logging in and wound up doing a pass word reset with customer service. For the record I don't know if I have the right answer but I think I inadvertently figured out what I was doing wrong.

During my customer care conversation. She asked for my user name. I gave it to her, it was in capitol letters and she told me that it doesn't consider whether case matters. In other words case doesn't matter... r does it? After she sent my temporary password to reset my account, i still struggled to log on stating my username/password is in correct. So, I tried the username in lowercase and the temporary pass word and it worked !

I wish I tried that before I reset the ID because that might have been my problem

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