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Create Outlook Email Template For Repeat Saved Form Mail

Hi!  So you want to create a an Outlook email template where the same words / text stay the same every time your open it up.  These templates, aka form emails are easy to do but I admit Outlook isn't quite intuitive to use if you are a first time user like I was (we migrated from Lotus Notes to Outlook 2010 so I too had a lot to learn).

This works best for MS Outlook 2010 but likely works for other versions as well.

From your inbox screen (or most any other screen) click on the “Home” tab

Then look to the top center of your computer screen where there is a “Quck Steps Field”  Inside this filed you want to click “Create New”   There are other options of course you can play with but since we want to create a basic, repeating email template that you can use over and over, just click “Create New”

From here I just click the drop down box in the “Choose an Action” field

Then scroll down the drop down options that appear and look for the section called “Response”  Click on “New Message” in the response field .

From here you can enter the name of what you want to call your email template (you can actually do that in the previous step too ) and you can enter in the “To” field any email address you think you will send this email to on a reoccurring basis.  Leave this blank if you are sending to different people each time.

This part is a little tricky… you might be wondering where you can enter the subject line and the body of the email text.  To do this click the “Show Options” link  shown just below the “to” field

Now you can enter your reoccurring subject line and body text in addition to other options

When this is done, click finish and your email template copy will appear in the Quick Steps field in the middle top section of your screen.

I hope that this helped you to create an outlook email template for saved form emails.  Now you have more or less a boilerplate or form set up for you mail that you can use repetitively without having to rewrite the mail over and over again.

Here is another post about Outlook 2010 ... Learn to Set Your Out of Office Message on Outlook

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