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Having Samsung Lucid Cell Phone Warn if Going Over Data

If you are worried about going over your data limit I don't blame you. Unless you are on an unlimited data cell phone plan, it can get costly if you go over your allowed data usage. Here's an easy way to have your Samsung Lucid Cell Phone warn you if you are going over your data limit

Step 1

From your home page press that menu / settings button on the lower left area on your wireless phone. It is the one that has the little square within the larger square. on it.

Step 2

Choose "Settings"

Step 3

Choose "Data Usage"

Step 4

Make sure the box is checked that says "Alert Me About Data Usage"

Step 5

You'll see a graph swipe your finger down the graph and you'll see a line running horizontally. It will say something like "2.0 gb warning" or something like that. This is the amount of data you can use up before your cell phone warns you. Make sure you position the bar so that it is somewhere BELOW your allotted free data allowance. If you put it too high, you'll be hit with charges before you are even warned.

Move this bar up on down by dragging it up or down the graph to your preferred setting

Step 6

Now you are done. You can exit out of the screen. One final warning though..... at least on my phone in the "data usage" section it does warn that the data usage shown is calculated by YOUR PHONE not your data / wireless provider. Therefore, keep in mind that on a bad day your phone might be under-calculating your data versus the actual data you are being charged for. Just a head's up. I can't say how accurate your phone vs your data provider. Just sayin' :-)

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