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Synchronize Lotus Notes Address Book Contacts

If you want to synchronize or "sync" your address book on lotus notes this is pretty easy to do. Just follow these steps

Step 1

Open Lotus Notes

Step 2

Look to the very top of your lotus notes window (the very top of your computer screen to the left if your lotus window takes up the whole screen). See where it says file, edit, view, create, etc? Select "Actions" which is just to the left of the word "create"

Step 3

A drop-down menu appears. Look for and click on "Synchronize Address Book"

Step 4

It'll warn you it might take a while to synch your contacts but it won't be so bad. Let it sync your contacts. I use Lotus pretty heavily and it took only a matter of minutes to complete (honestly, it may have been even less time than that, it just felt longer)

After that, it should complete aOK. Hope that helps.

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