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Who Else Manufactures White Hooded Elastic Cuff Clean Up Suits

Some industries are dominated by one or two corporations. Other industries have tons of competition. Sometimes it is presumed that only one manufacturer makes a certain item but it really isn't true. I've run into cases where I am so accustomed to purchasing a specific brand of product that I presume that it is the only product made out there. If you want to be an informed buyer, do not let yourself simply assume that there is only one factory out there making this stuff. This is especially true in the speciality garment industry. I've been purchasing those white, hooded suits that you might be accustomed to seeing at a clean up site or certain construction sites. These are the white protective suits that have the hood, elastic wrists, elastic ankles all white that you put on to keep yourself clean.

There are other competiting interests and I wrote a post about two of them. Check it out. Post is linked below:

"Who Else Manufactures White Hooded Elastic Cuff Clean Up Suits"   Check it out.

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