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How To Order 90 Day Supply Medco Express Scripts

You can get your prescriptions via the drug store / supermarket pharmacist but that tends to be more expensive if you are looking for medicines over the long term. For example I had a 30 day prescription that I picked up for $45 at the pharmacy and it turns out now I need a 90 day prescription and I might need subsequent ones after that. I could go back to the pharmacy each time the 30 day dosage runs out (ie I'd go 3 times every 30 days for a 90 day supply of medicine) but it really adds. Up 3 x $45 = $135 is a lot of money and a lot of waiting around while the pharmacy fills my order.

Instead you can get 90 day supplies filled through your Medco / Express Script drug insurance company if you are still a member for typically way less than the cost of going to the pharmacist three times. For example the 3 pharmacy visits totalling $135 only cost me $55 total through mail order for a 90 day amount of doses.

Don't worry, I don't have a particularly deadly or rare illness but even if you have something worse than I do, this is a big help and you don't have to leave home and wait around.

Probably the best way to do this is to go on line at Express - Scripts . com , sign in and find a mail order form. If you don't know your sign in or if you don't want to bother with a form, you can just fill out this information on a piece of paper and send with your original prescription form. I recommend that you make a photocopy of both the form and the prescription note the doctor gave you for your own records. Be sure to send theoriginal prescription to the address they give you though.

I just got this information today 2/7/13, be sure to call your Medco Express Scripts insurance company to be sure that you are still doing the right thing if you are reading this much later. Sometimes policies change etc

Here are the steps. Pretty easy:

Step 1 - Make sure you have at least a 14 day supply of meds before ordering. The mail order process takes about this much time. If you don't, ask your doctor if he has free samples to carry you over or get a (paid) prescription to cover your time until the post office delivers to your home.

Step 2 - Go on line if you have an on line account and fill out the form


Contact your provider (Medco Express Scripts), get their fax number for mail order medicine and have doctor's office fax to them

or.... this is what I did....

Skip printing out the form and skip the faxing and instead write / type on a sheet of paper:

a) Your member ID as shown on your card

b) Mailing address where you want the medicine sent

c) Number they can call you during the day

d) Your Full Name

e) Your date of birth

f) Your doctor's name and phone number

Step 3 - Put in an envelope along with the ORIGINAL prescription (again, I suggest making a copy for yourself)

Step 4 - Then Mail with Proper Postage To:

Contact your provider for the most current address. I'd give it to you here but with my luck it might be different for your location

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Step 5 - Important note here. I guess it depends on your Express Script / Medco plan but with mine the prescriptions are not completely free. You'll need to pay a certain amount that the insurance does cover. If this amount you need to pay is under a certain amount (mine was under$100 but could be different for you depending on your insurance plan), Express Scripts / Medco will send you a bill that you can pay with check, credit card, etc. If it is over $100 (again, might be different from you depending on which plan, if there are different coverage plans, you are on,) this could delay things a bit and the insurer ( Medco / ExpressScript ) will then ask you for payment first before processing. You can contact their customer service team if you want to know what this is going to cost you or if you need more details.
That is it. I hope that helped you to learn how to order a 90 day supply Medco Express Script

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