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How to Put In WES 150 155 Waterless Sloan Cartridges

WES 150 Filter Cartridge in Urinal
Installing a New WES 150 or WES 155 Water Free Sloan Bathroom Cartridges

There are better posts out there on putting new cartridges into your water free / waterless bathrooms. I'm more experienced with the Sloan brand waterless systems but this might apply to others as well.

Properly installing new cartridge at their recommended flush amount will ensure you are protecting your system, drain, and plumbing as well as perhaps helping the environment and definitely reducing odors. These steps are mainly for the WES 150 and WES 155 that we use at work but this might work for other systems you may choose as well

Buying The Right Kit

Replacement urinal cartridges are not cheap. This isn't a five dollar item. You want to be absolutely certain that you are buying the right kit to fit your urinal. Just as important, you want to buy a kit that comes with all the necessary tools, especially if you don't have these tools.

Be sure each kit comes with:

The water free urinal cartridge (of course ;-)

Disposable Bag(s)

Disposable gloves

Nylon Trap Brush

Bag(s) of Sealant

A Cartridge tool that lets you install and uninstall the cartridge

Step 1 - Put Rubber Gloves on! Then put Insert the Tool into the holes of the cartridge. Then let go of the tool. Don't pull anything out yet. If the holes are covered by a circular disk, that disk is called the diverter. You'll need to use gloves and remove that first. Sloane (Falcon) stopped making these discs so you might not see it anymore

Step 2 - Get 4 liters ( 1 gallon ) of soapy water and pour it into the drain. This is to get the urine out of the cartridge (ie displace it ). Note, this is why we put the tool in first (step 1) . If you put the soapy water in first you might have trouble seeing the holes (let alone get the disk off if it is there)

Step 3 - Get one of those disposable bags ready nearby.

Step 4 - Grabbing the tool by the handle (your gloves are on by now right?) turn the tool counter-clockwise until the cartridge unlocks.

Step 5 - Pull the cartridge out from the drain hole it sits in but DO NOT take it all the way out of the drain hole. With the tool still in, pour the liquids out of the cartridge and down the drain. Don't worry, any harmful, non-green, etc sediment etc should remain trapped in the cartridge so don't worry about pouring the liquid down.

Step 6 - With no more liquid coming out, but the cartridge into the bag and close up the bag.

Where to Purchase Cartridges and More Great Info

Step 7 - Get that nylon brush ( 1 1/2 inches wide brush) and scrub down into the drain and push the brush into the drain to the point you can't see the brush and keep scrubbing. Scrub that entire horizontal area that runs behind the drain (portion you can't see)

Step 8 - remove the brush. Prepare 5 gallons (20 liters ) of hot soapy water. You don't have to boil it (I've been asked this) just use hot tap water as hot as you can get it. Pour it down the drain.

Step 9 - Please keep your disposable gloves on this whole time.... you'll need them here. Get a disposable rag / towel and wipe down the metal ring around the drain.

Step 10 - Get your cartridge tool again and stick it in the holes of the new cartridge. Put the cartridge in drain and turn clockwise until it locks.

Step 11 - Get one quart of clear, clean water (not soapy) and pour into the cartridge until full ( you'll see no air bubbles when done)

Step 12 - Add blue sealant that came with cartridge into the cartridge. You might want to take your time on this. Pour some in and wait for it to settle, then more in.

Step 13 - Using a spray cleaner of your choice (preferably the recommended brand by Sloan or whatever system you are using, spray into urinal and wipe down the inside (I'm seriously hoping you still have disposable gloves on :-)

Step 14 - If your unit has a diverter (that round cap on top of cartridge) I suggest you have it sitting in hot soapy water and then scrub it a bit (with gloves on) in the sink to completely clean it out. Then replace it on the top of the cartridge. Be careful not to break the stem when cleaning it (we did once).

Speaking of the diverter...... here is some advice that will make you look like a waterless urinal cartridge professional ( which is a fancy way of saying expert-genius).... if it ever breaks or otherwise needs replacing, I highly suggest you read this post I wrote on Hubpages  What is The Round Thing on Urinal Cartridge Called  Check out this post as it will explain what to expect if this thing breaks and if it is even replaceable (which it sort of isn't but read the post and let us know what you think)

I Hope That Helped!!

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