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LG Smart Cell Phone Language From Spanish to English

So the other day I'm using my Lucid LG smart phone and suddenly the phone gets way too smart for me.  It started "speaking" another language.

I'm not sure what I did but I accidentally, whether through jostling in my pocket or just from fiddling with my phone, changed the language on my Lucid LG from English to Spanish.  In other words, all of the icons, setting controls, Google page, etc, etc, etc where now in Spanish instead of English.

There are tons of sites that can teach you how to correct this but I couldn't find any that actually could teach you using and English Language to Spanish Language (and vice-versa I suppose ;-)  translation.   What I mean is, all of the fixes I found on the Internet where in English.  For example, they'll all tell you when changing your phone setting from one language to another do this:  Settings, Language and Keyboard-Language- Then pick the language of your choice.    This advise is helpful, but only if you know the Spanish translation to "settings", "language" & "keyboard", and "language."  I found with my entire phone looking like Portuguese, or Spanish or whatever, there was no easy way for me to interpret "settings", "language" & "keyboard", and "language." into Spanish.  I wound up having to go to a translation site to figure all this out.

Anyway, since I now know how to fix my phone to that all the words and voice commands are in English instead of Spanish, let me take you through the steps.

How to change LG Lucid smart phone from Spanish to English

Step 1

Are you on your home screen? Yes?  Great, now press the button on your cell phone that is located at the very lowest left area of your phone. It is the one with the square on it (actually there is one small square inside a larger one.

Step 2

Then select  "Ajustes" (ie Settings)

Step 3

Then Press "Idioma y teclado"  (ie Language and Keyboard)

Step 4

Then choose "Idioma"  (ie Language)

Step 5

Then choose English (or the language of your choice)

There! You should be all set.   I'll do a quick repeat in (mostly) Spanish here adjustes-idioma y teclado-idioma- select language you want (English or any other one available)

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  1. Yep Me too! it worked and thanks though don't know what language mine was on, so much for protect locks! Thank you..