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Urinal Cartridge Sealant Purpose

There are some things that you do not want to skip when you are maintaining your water free urinal systems. The big one is that you want to ensure that you have the right waterless cartridge inserted into your water free urinal. If you do not have this cartridge installed you have completely undermined the entire purpose of having a water free system that is clean, without odor, and less wear and tear on the plumbing.

If you do have the right urinal cartridge installed, then congratulations, you are almost there. The next thing you don't want to cut corners on is the sealant. Each waterfree urinal cartridge kit comes with a pack of sealant (my guess is that you can buy them separately but the Sloan WES 150 we use comes with sealant and a whole lot more). This sealant is typically blue and has a nice smell to it. The sealant is very important for the proper operation of your cartridge.

The cartridge is designed to trap certain uric by product (sediments from pee) that cause odors and are tough on your drain and plumbing. The cartridge also prevents people from jamming the drain with other objects not meant to go down it (such as litter). This prevents the stink and smell of clogs and a backed up urinal.

When you install a new cartridge you want to fill it with sealant. The sealant actually seals the filter. It basically fills in the rest of the area of the cartridge filters that would normally permit odors to escape. The cartridge has a small hole in the top that allows urine to run down the drain. The sealant fills this hole and the rest of the passageway in the cartridge. Filling this hole prevents odor from backing up from the drain and out the filter. The sealant is able to do this and not wash way because of 1) The design of the cartridge and 2) the sealant has less viscosity less dense than most liquids such as urine and holds its ground pretty good. This allows the flow of urine to pass through the sealant and down the drain, while the sealant remains in place and prevents the smell of the drain from creeping back into the bathroom.

That is the basic urinal cartridge sealant purpose. Hopefully this explains how the sealant works and what it is meant to do.

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