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Delete Contact on Lotus Notes Address Book

I really had trouble deleting contact in the address book on my Lotus Notes program. I'd open up the address book, find the contact, click on the contact, then click the "Delete Contact Button" and only an "X" would appear next to the contact info. It wouldn't delete

I tried then closing the window and then reopening and the contact would still be there.

If I hit delete twice, the "X" would just appear and reappear again.

Then I tried opening up my address book contacts list again and right clicking on the contact name and then clicking "Delete" in the menu that appears. Again, I'd just get the "X" and if I did it again, I'd lose the " X " but the contact would still be there etc. etc.

So I finally figured it out. Basically to get the contact in your address book to disappear you need to follow all the steps and then refresh the screen.


Step 1

Log into Lotus and open your address book

Step 2

Are you on the page that lists all your contacts? Yes? OK, left click on the contact line you want to delete

Step 3

You'll see an "X" next to the line you want to remove from contacts. Also the whole line you want to remove will have a rectangle around it.

Step 4

Go ahead and refresh the screen. I press the F9 key on the keyboard to do this

Step 5
A window will pop up on your computer screen that asks you "Do you want to delete the 1 document from the database .... "

Click Yes

The " document " (aka address in your address book ) will disappear.

Hope that helps!  Thanks for reading my "Delete Contact on Lotus Notes Address Book" post

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