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How to Change Clock on 2006 Honda Civic LX (and likely DX and EX )

How to Change Clock on 2006 Honda Civic LX (and likely DX and EX ) 

Changing the dashboard clock on a 2006 Honda Civic LX sedan is pretty easy to do once you learn how but I found it somewhat difficult to figure out.  Since you much more intelligent than I am, you took the time to research how to change the hours and minutes on the Civic LX clock instead of wasting time teaching yourself how :  -  ) 

This probably also works on Honda's 2006 DX and EX and might work on a bunch of other models as well.  This for sure does work on the LX sedan. 

Note: in addition to the steps below, I also posted a video at the bottom of this post so you can see how to adjust the clock easily in your Honda.
Step 1 - Turn on the Car 

Go ahead and put the key in the ignition and turn it until the power comes on and the dashboard lights up (the 'on' position) or if you want, you can turn the call all the way on so that the motor starts. 

Step 2 - Press the AM (radio) button and hold 

Look at the AM button (that allows you to switch to the AM frequency on your radio) on the dashboard.  This button is just above the radio channel buttons.  There is also the word "clock" next to this button which I somehow managed to overlook every time I looked for this. 

Press the AM button down and hold until the clock on the dashboard begins to blink. 

Step 3 - find the M and H buttons 

Here is kinda the tough part (but still easy :  - )   Just below the AM buttons are the preset channel buttons #1 through #6.  Look for buttons #1 and #2.  See how one has a little "H" on it and the other has a little "M" on it?  The H button changes the hour and M button changes the minutes.  So.... 

While the clock is blinking, press the "H" button to see the hour to what you want and press the "M" button to set the minute. 

Step 4 - Press AM button to complete 

Once you have the desired hour and minutes set, go ahead and press the AM button (aka the "Clock" button) again and your time will now be set. 

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