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Staples Easy Tech Support Can Not Fix Blue Screen Auto Shut Down

The problem I had was that my computer (Windows powered PC HP Pavilion ) would just shut off automatically without any warning.  It was nearly impossible to start it back up without doing a hard reboot or pulling the battery out, unplugging, etc. etc.  The computer would turn off so quickly I really struggled to run any sort of diagnostic on it.

So what did I do?  Across the street from where I live is a Staples office supply store.  Staples offers “Easy Tech” support that, in theory , can repair any number of computer problems.

So I take my HP Pavilion notebook computer to this Staples store.  Instantly I am out about seventy bucks because they require this BS charge to run the diagnostic.  They are only supposed to have the computer for a few day but it turns into a week and a half.  Every day I call Staples Easy Tech to find out when my PC will be ready they just keep telling me that they ran the diagnostic tests and they are still trying to figure out the problem.  I don’t believe any of this as it just sounds like they haven’t got around to looking at my computer. I mean, this shouldn’t take over a week to figure out right?

So finally they tell me that they think the motherboard is damaged.  “Damaged motherboard” sounds suspiciously like something PC tech guys say when they really do not know what they are doing.  On top of it, the knuckleheads at Staples Easy Tech ask me to leave the computer so they can send it away and get it fixed for $345.  $345? ! Seriously?

So I take my PC to a local, independent store and the owner personally fixes it, right there, in shop for $100 and threw in some cool maintenance add ons and accessories as well.  I wrote a post on what the issue was and will link it so you can find the answer if you need to know it.  The guy at the store said that Easy Tech support guys at Staples generally are not trained to open up a computer so they just give some soft diagnosis in hopes of when they send it away someone else can figure out the problem (at some extraordinary price).

Needless to say my PC never needed a new Motherboard. Imagine if I paid for that and it didn’t work? So, anyway if your PC is shutting down on its own check out the post I wrote on what the problem likely is.

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