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Increase Decrease Brightness on 2006 Honda Civic LX Dashboard

Not all of the dashboard lights increase or decrease on a 2006 Honda Civic LX.  That said, the lights on the odometer, trip meter, speedometer region of the dash do.  This might also work on the Honda Civic DX as well as Honda's  EX models as well, but I know for sure the 2006 LX can be adjusted here. 

This is easy to adjust.   If you are sitting in your Civic driver seat, just to the left of the steering wheel is a set of buttons with a plus sign ( "+") ,  a minus sign ("-") and right in the middle of the plus and minus signs you see a speedometer icon / image.   If you are really having trouble finding this,  it is (as mentioned) to the left of the steering wheel, on the dash,  just to the right of the " SEL RESET " buttons. 

Note: Video is embedded at end of this post if you want to see more

Step 1 -  Turn The Ignition On 

Turn the ignition key far enough so that the power turns on inside the car. You can turn the ignition key all the way until the engine starts but this really is not necessary  ( PS ... don't drive the car while doing this task ) 

Step 2a -  Darker ? 

Press down the minus key to make the dashboard lighting darker.  You can just hold the minus key down until it dims to your liking.  Think of the minus sign as your dimmer 

Step 2b - Brighter ? 

The plus sign will make the lighting on the dash (speedometer area) more bright. Hold the + down and you'll see it get brighter. 

Step 3 - All finished 

When you are done, just take your finger off the button and you are finished. 

Final Thought - Did I Just Ruin My Odometer ? 

So while you are doing this, you might notice that your odometer goes blank and steady is replaced with zeros.   Don't worry. Each zero represents how light or dark you have set your dash brightness.  More zeros = more bright , less zeros = less bright 

Don't fret.  After a few seconds or so after stop adjusting the brightness your odometer will reappear again.

I hope that helps you to increase or decrease the brightness on a 2006 Honda Civic LX Dashboard

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